Why has Interprom chosen to raise capital through an STO as opposed to traditional means?

For many years, engaging in an Initial public offering (IPO) through traditional channels has been a regulatory burden for companies, as well as private individuals wishing to participate in the public markets. Blockchain technology can fix inherent inefficiencies of public markets so that financial processes are less bound to traditional, institutional market structures.  
The management of Interprom Group believes blockchain technology is the liberating future of all equities, assets and securities. The unprecedented liquidity, peer-to-peer mobility, better security, and transparency are just fraction of the things which this technology provides to users. Its cost efficient, regulatory compliance capabilities allow the sidelining of intermediaries, keeping all the value in your own hands. That is why we have chosen to conduct an STO to fill that missing link between our Blueshare security tokens, and the underlying shares of Interprom Mining AG.
For detailed information, please refer to our Whitepaper, pp. 16 - 18.


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