What are Interprom Group’s main activities?

Presently the Company has over EUR 110 Million ongoing projects and over EUR 400 Million worth of EU public procurement construction tenders participations planned for 2019.
The main construction activities of Interprom EOOD include water treatment facilities, water supply and sewer infrastructure, public urban facilities, underground construction works and road expansion and repairs. For further information on our current and completed projects, please visit https://interprom.bg/projects  
For our ongoing and future construction projects, please refer to our Whitepaper, p. 32-33.

Since 2015 Interprom EOOD has also been applying for exploration concessions and has performed exploration for a number of minerals which has resulted in projects for the potential
future mining of:
• Construction Aggregates located in six quarries
• Precious Metals located in one site
• Precious metals and base metals located in another site
For more information on our mining activities and figures, please read our Prospectus thoroughly.



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